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We are back home safe and sound. The Sports Licensing and Tailgating Trade Show was amazing. We met tons of people, got tons of new contacts and even scored ourselves some orders. We were there for 4 days total, 3 of which were the actual trade show and one for setting up. The first two days were SO busy! We had tons of foot traffic and a lot of interest in our line. We were quite eager and happily chatted with buyers, merchandisers and licensing directors all day long. When we did get our first order, we did do a happy dance (out of sight of course, we are professionals). 

Booth, Day 1

Booth, Day 2

Meeting new friends

More new friends! 

Even though we were in Vegas, we were in bed by 930pm every night. We did get to eat at some amazing restaurants (Giada was our top pick). Kirsten won $36 after an hour on the quarter slots and unfortunately Jill lost her $10 after being up $40 on blackjack. Wait, which one is in charge of finances... I kid. 

We woke up at 3am early Saturday morning to get a taxi to the airport. We were shocked to see that the taxi line was miles long and people were still up and out. I cannot fathom being out until 3am in Vegas! I think I am becoming boring in my early 30s. Anyways, a taxi, two planes and a 90 minute drive and we were home! Happy to see everyone and share all of our good news. 

We are back in Idaho for the next couple of weeks, following up with all of our new contacts and working on our orders. In February we are off to Atlanta for CAMEX, the biggest collegiate trade show in the country (world?). 

Thanks so much to everyone who has been so supportive; it means more to us than you know! 

I'll leave you with a few photos from our first trade show...

Celebrating with a drink (or two)
     Bellagio Fountains
The  High Roller
We had some gelato since we pretending to be in Venice


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